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---Interchange Day---
by Josh and Jaime


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On April 1, 2000 Jaime and I embarked on long-awaited "overpass day" (truly, this has nothing to do with April Fool's day—except for, perhaps, the price of gas). It took us a while to get up, but we were on our way by 10:30. A quick stop at Walmart (for film and Pringles) and the video store (we had to return The Matrix and The Graduate, both of which we saw the night before) was necessary before heading west on the 91, towards Orange County (we started in Riverside). Usually, I drive and Jaime is the official navigatrix. However, Jaime ended up piloting my ’94 Cavalier (she has 156,000 miles on her (the Cavalier does, that is) ) so I could type and take pictures.

This is, as the name suggests, a trip which celebrates the interchange: those massive constructs of steel and concrete which efficiently slingshot our cars from one highway to another (here, we are going to look at highway interchanges; not all interchanges necessarily connect highways). If you don’t mind nonexperts’ options on a matter that really deserves expert opinion, read through our memoirs and maybe you’ll get a sense of why we might do something like this!

To see VRML rendering of 91-15 interchange click here!